Hi babe, I KNOW that you are here to... embody MASSIVE life + world changing impact ✨ enjoy balanced, exciting work & life alignment ⚡️ shift out of toxic masculine culture of business + pleasure 🔥 travel the 🌍 without being glued to your devices ☀️ receive abundant FUCK YES clients that want to pay you 🌙 have space held for you while you hold epic space for others 🔮continue learning more tools to evolve on your own 🦄 create the new paradigm that is waiting to be birthed on earth

So my question is... are you open to receive this level of light through embodiment of the divine feminine??? If your answer is YES or I want to be open... allow me to introduce Divine Embodiment Activation!
By signing up for this experience you get lifetime access to the 90 minute event + one day of voxer access with me to share any insights & AHA moments + bring forward any questions about integrating what came forward.
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so, who's guiding you through this activation?

That would be me! Erin (she/her) here and I am the most excited you've been led to this page because it means you're an epic lightworker entrepreneur just like me. So what qualifies me to guide you in this activation? We'll first, my life is living proof. My life is literally my dream come true...

  • Receive downloads from Divine Creatrix of One: Sophia on embodiment of the divine feminine

  • Engaged to the love of my life who treats me like the queen that I am

  • Excited for life literally every. single. day because it FLOWS, instead of trying to force everything to happen

  • Shifted from being triggered by getting gifts into LOVING being showered with love, gifts, and abundance from the connections in my life, including spirit

  • Waking up when I want, doing what I want, and being shown time and time again that when I am in the mode of receiving, massive abundance follows

My connection with the divine feminine started over ten years ago, but more recently I was initiated by Divine Creatrix of One; Sophia, in an astral projection where I was deemed High Priestess of the Lightworkers in the Earthly realm. The mission is clear!: Bring the divine feminine back to the forefront through sharing its wisdom by embodying and activating it within others. 

 I take my position in leadership very seriously and am always open to learning more to better support myself and my clients. Leaning into my multi-passionate manifesting generator energy has lead me to become certified and/or qualified expert in

🔮 Akashic Records Reading 

🔮 Channeling

🔮 Breathwork
🔮 Usui & Quantum Reiki

🔮 Intuition + Intuitive Readings

🔮 Neurolinguistics Programming
🔮 Hypnotherapy & hypnosis
🔮 Shadow & Inner-child Healing
🔮 Trauma Healing
🔮 EFT/Tapping
🔮 Human Design Reading
🔮 Tarot/Oracle Readings
🔮 Manifestation
🔮 Energy Healing
🔮 Meditation
🔮 Spirit Guide Connection
🔮 Aura Reading 
🔮 Trauma Training
🔮 Growing knowledge of astrology

some words from lightworkers after the activation

I'd love to hear from ya 
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