The Akashic Records are an infinite library of all events of the past, present, and future.

Each person has their own Akashic Records, and in every session we tap in to get specific information to help you in the present moment.  

The Akashic Records have provided me with tangible steps to navigate this human experience as well as spiritual messages from my guides and higher self. The information that comes through the Akasha knows no bounds.

I receive vast amounts of information in the records that are tailored to you. The messages can come through visuals, audio, kinesthetics, or cognition, which means by seeing visions, hearing messages, getting feelings in the body, or a distinct knowing. 

Depending on what is needed at the time of your reading, I may see visions of past lives experiences and carry forward messages from them, download meditations and visualization practices for you to use in your daily life, hear messages from your higher self, teachers, and loved ones, see chakra information that is beneficial in your healing, or bring forward validation and clarity on your purpose. 

The Akashic Records continue to teach me every time I tap in for myself and others and remind me of the unlimited potential of the human spirit. ​Before going through my Akashic Record training, I struggled with holding space for people without taking on their energy and being physically drained. The Akashic Records are a beautiful container for spiritual truth and I am eternally grateful that the Akashic Records found their way to me, as much as I found my way to them.

how it all started...

One of my best friends bought me an Akashic Record reading for my birthday in 2019 and the amount of insight that came through in that space still lights me up to this day. The person who held the space did so in the most beautiful way, and I also knew in that session that the Akashic Records were something that were calling me back home. 

Months went by, life went on, and my channeling portal blew upon one crisp day in January 2021. I had been following intuitive messages and connecting with spirit for years but this day was different. I started speaking clear messages and my guides, the Guardians of Light, presented themselves to me with a clear mission: to open up my spiritual business. I started with energy healing and then channeling and i felt drained from all of my encounters no matter how much clearing I did. I remember getting up one day after a session and collapsing because my whole body had fallen asleep and I didn't realize, which led to badly injuring my foot. I recognized that this wasn't a sustainable way to hold space for people. 

In March 2021 I reached out to the Akashic Record reader and she led me to her teacher. Initially our teacher had no openings but she told me she was going to open a space for me as she felt my energy and knew it was meant to be.

The continuing gift of an Akashic Record Connection

The Akashic Records give me a safe container to bring forth amazing messages exactly when they are needed. This infinite library holds wisdom of the cosmos, of all energetic realms, and when I connect to it with the intention of love and light, magic truly happens there.  

​Getting to connect to your specific energy code and see you in your highest expression is nothing short of extraordinary. 

​The benefits do not stop at the end of the session. I record everything for you to have forever and we perform clearings of past karmas, and cut ties of attachments that can weigh you down energetically. so much occurs in this Akashic realm and it cuts through beyond what you can conceive with the mind. There are immense energy shifts just from saying yes to an Akashic Record Reading. 

I would love to hold this space for you if you feel called and I invite you to sign up for my email list and receive access to an Akashic Record Visualization meditation.