Akashic Records

the Akashic records are an energetic space of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent. It spans all timelines of the past, present, or future across all entities and life forms.


In Akashic Record Readings I connect to this infinite library and receive messages that best serve you at the time of the reading. I am a trained and certified Akashic Record Reader and use my channeling gifts to tap into this space with the highest and purest intention of love and light.


The akashic records can bring up past lives, empowering truths, shine light on limiting beliefs, clear karmic ties & vows, provide crucial next steps, crystal & chakra healing recommendations, different practices and tools that would be beneficial for you to use at this time.


the readings are a sacred and safe space where guidance from your higher self & spiritual guides come through! It truly is amazing what information can be accessed in the Akashic Records. 

I record all sessions and send you the recording after so you don’t need to worry about writing a lot of notes during it. We start by getting into a receiving state & then I open up with my personal akashic record prayer that I channeled. YOU CAN USE MY CHANNELED PRAYER TO CONNECT IN THE AKASHA (SPACE) YOURSELF!


Do the Akashic Records tell the future?

While I can connect to all different energies, including that of your future self and future events, the Akasha brings forward information that will help you lean more into your own free will. Our lives are comprised of all of our choices, and the future changes in every moment when we chose something different.

Why would I want to have an Akashic Record Reading?

Akashic Records can help install a sense of clarity on your life purpose, relationships, current experiences, emotional & physical states, as well as provide messages from loved ones who have past on, or anyone whose higher self is looking to provide helpful messages. Tapping into the Akashic Records is a beautiful tool because it brings to light messages from your masters, teachers, and loved ones who all have your best interest at the forefront and they are looking to provide you messages that help you step into your power. The Akashic Realm transcends time & space, so you can receive guidance that may not be known in your current conscious state. The healing and clearing that occurs in the Akashic Records is energetic & powerful. As humans we can get in our own way with the mind chatter and day to day stresses, and can often become clouded. The Akashic Records are a beautiful way to reconnect to your own purpose, power, and light and they can bring forward deep healing and confirmation of your own innate wisdom and intiution. If you are looking for any guidance to assist in your day to day life, Akashic Record Readings are definitely for you. If you are feeling low energetically or stuck, the Akashic Karma Clearing & Energy Upgrade can be even more beneficial as it is focuses on clearing stagnant energy.

Can I access the Akashic Records on my own?

We all have the capability to tap into the Akashic Records through visualization or invocation. I provide my own channeled prayer to connect to the Akashic Records. We all have access to this infinite wisdom, and if you are looking for support in accessing the records, please check out my spiritual mentorship to see if it is a good fit for you!

What is an Akashic Karma Clearing?

We often carry karmic bonds and ties from previous lifetimes into this one. This can cause us to act in ways that often limit our potential or repeat cycles even though we have already learned the lessons before. Karma clearing bring forward the lessons you have learned from previous lifetimes and releases the bonds and attachments that are keeping you from living to your fullest potential in this life time due to the stagnant energy. In Karma Clearings we release old ties and clear the energy so that you can move forward with more easy and awareness. Karma clearing through the Akashic Records brings forward many past life experiences and helps cut the ties and cords in at a deeper level to provide long-term healing instead of one that occurs only on the conscious level.

What is an Akashic Energy Upgrade?

As a trained Usui Reiki Master & Quatum Reiki Healer, I am trained to facilitate a movement of energy within your chakra system and auric field. I access my knowledge of energy healing and intutiive gifts to help your beautiful physical vessel unleash it's own healing abilities to clear out stagnant or blocked energy that is not moving as much as would be beneficial in your day to day life. We often hold onto energy due to our interactions with others in this life & past ones, and can pick up limiting beliefs due to these stagnant energies. In my energy upgrades we clear the energy for movement and upgrade the field for you to access more energy and live a more empowered life. Energy upgrades in the Akashic Realm are providing quantum healing, meaning they cut through the human 3D and allow for deeper healing and integration.