energy healing is the first spiritual modality i've been connected to. my mom has been a reiki master for many years and I remember people coming to our house to receive reiki and I thought it was so bizarre. I was so resistant at first but every time I had cramps from my period I would let my mom use reiki and it made a huge difference on the pain I was feeling.

as I grew older, the resistance started to fade and I attended my first reiki circle. it was here that I had a life-altering encounter with christ consciousness and I receive a miraculous throat chakra healing that released energies that had become stagnant from this lifetime and others. I received visions of being persecuted during witch trials and christ told me to give him all of my worries and pain. 

that experience truly shaped me and helped me become more open. I knew what I experienced was true and from that day forward I decided to be beacon of authenticity. prior to that day I had issues with lying and constantly hid my truth but once the healing occured, I no longer operated on the wavelength of fear and feeling like it was unsafe to speak my truth. 

I became a certified reiki master and through my channeling gifts i've been able to unlock new symbols and methods of energy healing. my healing is a blend of reiki, quantum reiki, energy healing, light language, and akashic records and brings a powerful shift to energy fields.

I want to remind you that as an energy healer I am holding space, your body is intuitively doing the work that is needed. there is no bounds of time or space in energy healing, so remote healing has the same impact as in-person healing. 

book your session today to experience beautiful shifts. keep in mind that energy healing works best if it is done regularly.