past → present → future immersion

a portal opening on 11/11 unlocking the experience of time

A space for you to deep dive into an embodied experience to connect to the infinite, transcending time and space and making them aspects of this realm that work with your energy & in service of you

Call One | The Past | Call Scheduled 11/11/22 2PM EST
Modality ✨ Past Life Regression ✨ Receiving insight about a past life that will bring lessons from then to now. We will fine tune the intention and direction of the experience and then I will guide you through your own deep dive into a life that has answers to the questions coming up now

Call Two | The Future | Call Scheduled 11/15/22 2PM EST

Modality 🔮 Neural Energetic Encoding 🔮 Stepping into your timeline of you through the power of this incredible subconscious tool where we will get crystal clear on an aligned goal and infuse it into your future, receiving insights from how to get there, and being so embodied in it's energy that you will meet it with more ease and flow

Call Three | The Present | Call Scheduled 11/22/22 2PM EST
Modality 🌀 Breathwork & Chakra Clearing + Energy Activation 🌀 Bringing the power of somatic Conscious Connected Breathwork to release anything that is no longer serving you from the body and call in the healing and clearing that will bring you into the present moment. The breathwork experience will be infused with Usui & Quantum Energy Healing to further clear and support you

Call Four | The Infinite | Call Scheduled 12/2/22 2PM EST 

Modality 🧿 Akashic Records 🧿 Bringing forward Akashic Records guidance to blend past, future and present and bring you into alignment + integrate the learnings from the experience

additional support: guidance through the community group on Circle for members of this program to connect, receive support from me directly, and any supplemental materials that comes forward through the program. Lifetime access to this community & recordings of all calls. Live attendance is not required! The energy of recordings is just as powerful as the lives, the only difference is you can get real time support from personal questions but you can ask for this in the circle community if you can't attend live! 

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 I take my position in leadership very seriously and am always open to learning more to better support myself and my clients. Leaning into my multi-passionate manifesting generator energy has lead me to become certified and/or qualified expert in

🔮 Akashic Records Reading 

🔮 Channeling

🔮 Breathwork
🔮 Usui & Quantum Reiki

🔮 Intuition + Intuitive Readings

🔮 Neurolinguistics Programming
🔮 Theta Healing Hypnosis
🔮 Shadow & Inner-child Healing
🔮 Trauma Healing
🔮 EFT/Tapping
🔮 Human Design Reading
🔮 Tarot/Oracle Readings
🔮 Manifestation
🔮 Energy Healing
🔮 Meditation
🔮 Spirit Guide Connection
🔮 Aura Reading 
🔮 Trauma Training
🔮 Astrology

🔮 Past Life Regression

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