We opened up public access to our Women Who Money masterclass
& it was INCREDIBLE!


The Human Design & Money Masterclass explores different aspects of your Human Design aka Energetic Blueprint, highlighting the areas that most impact your relationship with money.

You'll receive tangible insights that will assist you in taking next steps in your life & business, especially when those actions are connected to bringing money in & investing it in different areas of your life. 

We dive into how to align with your Human Design Energy Type & highlight key elements for each energy type to be mindful of & aligned with for the most ease. We'll also dive into...

How to use your
Strategy & Authority
to bring in aligned opportunities
for money

Specific vs Non-specific Manifesting + how understanding this part of your variables can create more ease in manifestation

Your Emotional, Sacral, & Heart Centers + how the energies of them impact your relationship with money & money decisions



This is a recorded experience.

90 minutes: includes 75 minutes of empowering, educational content & 15 minutes of Q&A

Investment is $60 or free for anyone enrolled in the Women Who Money group program

To learn more about Women Who Money + the guides of this masterclass, Erin Panzarella & Shannon Keating, click this link!


"Erin has a way with creating the most beautiful safe space to be held in. I cannot recommend her human design reading enough - this is truly knowledge for life. I went into this knowing my type and had read my chart before but couldn’t really make sense of it all. After having a reading with Erin I now have such a deeper understanding of self and what it all means. Erin delivered all of the information in such a holistic way and her knowledge on the topic is truly amazing."

Annie D.

"The Women Who Money program was everything I needed, especially expanding in my own business. It provided me a place to feel included and join other women in healing any money shame, triggers and old beliefs I had. This gave me the opportunity to truly show up for myself and become accountable in my own healing, knowing I wasn't going through this alone. Shannon held such a supportive space for all of us. She gave us the tools and resources we needed to heal our money wounds in order to pave a clear path to see and receive our own prosperity. This program is truly incredible and sharing this space with other women made it even more powerful.."

Jenna E

This Human Design & Money Masterclass will change your relationship with money forever.

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