$111.00 USD

Channeling in the Akashic Records

Your own personal connecting space to the infinite realm of the Akashic Records. This 45 minute channeling session includes an initial guided message and then we have a conversation in the records

What can come forward

  • past life experiences to bring forward clarity in this life
  • channeled tools to support you in your daily life
  • answers about questions that are on your heart (1-2 specific questions)
  • messages that provide immense peace and direction in your purpose
  • visions & metaphors to provide on the spot subconscious healing

No refunds available once a session is booked.

What People Are Saying:

My Akashic Records reading with Erin was exactly what I needed to receive and then some! Erin made me feel safe in meeting me where I was at while revealing the wisdoms of my soul, my guides and angels. The past life that came through was so beautiful and enlightening to my present day self and soul's purpose throughout my lifetimes. Erin's ability to channel so effortlessly while keeping us both grounded in the flow created a sacred container of space which was an honour to be in with her. I strongly recommend Erin to anyone who is looking for a gentle and comforting experience with the akasha whether you are new to this or not. I am so grateful to Erin sharing her light with me and for the messages she brought me. I will certainly be going back to her in the future! xo - Sacha L.

I don't think I will ever get over how amazing last week's reading was! Truly in awe of your gifts. Thank you so much for delivering these powerful messages to me. They are ringing so true after listening to the recording and having time to journal and reflect. I just feel so grateful to have received all of it and to now be able to move through life with this deeper understanding. I will definitely be back 🙂 Thank you for sending over these offerings and more details about your spiritual mentorship. I am super interested in exploring these options and can't wait to connect again. - Annie D.

Erin has a natural and intuitive gift of opening up the Records. Her ability to hold space in a comfortable and aligned way is unparalleled. She channels messages with ease, grace and compassion. On top of this, she is so easy to talk to on a friend + soul level. I would highly recommend a session with Erin for anyone who is looking to up level their life and release blockages. - Sarah S.