$222.00 USD

Akashic Energetic Shift Session w/ Voxer Coaching

Want a whole activation of your energetic field so that you can move with clarity, ease, and joy? This session is for you! 

What you'll get:

  • An overall Akashic Records messages from your spiritual guides that you need to know in this point in time

  • Connected to your body through a guided practice of Conscious Connected Breathwork 

  • An energetic clearing of your chakra system, messages from each chakra, and activation of the energy

  • Specific answers regarding a few questions that are on your heart and soul from the Akashic Records 

  • Somatic cleansing body releasing of Conscious Connected Breathwork 

  • Channeled messages from your energy and supportive tools to help you gain clarity in this moment

  • You will feel lighter, clear, and trust in the knowing that you can move forward with ease and joy following this full body and soul detox & activation

  • Includes five additional days of support through Voxer to integrate what came forward

  • Life-time access to the recording of the session

This signature session provides transformation and grounds you into the present moment.