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I think vulnerability is so important but this is a thought that is relatively new to me. I used to think being vulnerable was the enemy. I used to think keeping everything locked away so no one knew what I was dealing with was more important than sharing it. This type of mentality lead to so much resentment, so much suffering, and caused lots of issues within my own life and my relationships.

Growing up, it felt like every time I shared I was met with resentment or punishment. So I learned to keep it in. There are some things only meant for us, sure, but I think there is so much value in sharing how we feel in productive ways. Whenever I didn’t share how I was feeling I would transform them into monsters and then when they got triggered everything I ever felt seemed to flood to the surface and exploded out. This is not productive – this is toxic and wreaks havoc. I was caught in this cycle for a very long time because I learned from people who are still caught in this cycle.

There is another way to share our feelings and they can bring us to higher places, places of more love, more understanding, more compassion. This is why i choose to share my thoughts because every time I do, I feel a piece of my heart heal. I feel myself opening up in places that were once boarded up. And whenever someone resonates with what I share it’s a feeling like no other. I know that everyone is meant for their own journey but there have been many times that I’ve read something and it was exactly what I needed at the time and it brought me a deeper level of understanding. If I can help one person get there, I feel like I’m living my purpose. We all have our contributions to the world, and I think there’s a reason I was given the ability to write – it’s an automatic type of outlet for me that is unlike any other in my life.

I now feel that our natural abilities or tasks that we enjoy immensely are tied to something deeper, that we’re supposed to use them to make an impact in our own lives and in the ones of others around us. What is something you have a natural talent for or love to do that can help you and others around you? I’d love to know! ⤵️⤵️

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