Be° monday thoughts

“Let no man pull you so low as to hate him.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

I sometimes get consumed thinking about the hatred that exists in society today. I get lost in the comments of feeds of people attacking each other more often than I’d like to admit. I try and see the different sides of each argument, where the source of fear comes from that drives a person to say such hateful things to someone they don’t even know. It’s fascinating, the intricacies of the human mind but most of the time I become disheartened after getting lost in a feed. I try not to do it anymore but I’m human and I get sucked in.

Which brings me to today, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. What a light he was, too bright for this Earth amongst times of immense darkness. His ability to create an everlasting movement is so inspiring and he lives on today in the hearts of many, mine included. At the women’s March this weekend many adorned their signs with his quotes, he was definitely one of the most fitting energies of that day.

This quote I have chosen is one of the too many wise and enlightened words of MLK Jr. It’s one I try to focus on because it’s not easy for me to love those who spew hate. To love those who have “wronged” me. To love those who have hurt others. To love those who seem undeserving. To forgive what seems unforgivable. He knew something monumentally true that other people have seem to forgotten, during his time and today… “hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. darkness cannot not drive out darkness, only light can do that.”

He is so unbelievably right that it’s scary to admit considering the current state of this world, especially within America. There is so much hate regarding politics, divisiveness amongst groups that causes some of the most disgusting acts that are unfathomable to me. I really don’t understand the mindset of so many people I see on the news or how someone can hate people that are different than them so much. And then I realize that I am doing just what they are, just not to the extreme. I can’t keep going low because it doesn’t work. Feeding more hate into a situation never works. Most of the people who have this hate were brought up this way, they are ignorant and naive to universal truths. But my hating them does nothing but divide us more. My hating their existence does nothing but add hate to an already too big blackhole of darkness.

Today and everyday, I will try my very best to choose love. People are flawed, people are fucked up, people are human. It’s as simple as that really. Most people are the way they are because of the way they grew up. I have been pulled into that many times and it took me a while to open my eyes to things that are right instead of things that I was used to. But as Ghandi so wisely said, we have to be the change we want to see in the world. So I have to be love, because I have no other choice. If I want to see love, I have to be love. I have to be love even when love is not the easiest choice. I have to be love even where there’s so much hate. I have to be love and learn to forgive. And I have to be love and lead by my own example, just as the beautiful Martin Luther King, Jr. did.

Love & light friends ✨

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