Daily habits

Daily habits can be magic or poison. They can feed my soul or my ego. I’ve been working on myself for quite some time and have had many realizations over the past few years but this really is the one that effects me the most. “You are what you repeatedly do” is so fricken true. I was caught in a cycle of toxic thoughts even when I was practicing spirituality. I would constantly think something was wrong with me and still struggled with self-esteem and confidence until I realized that MY THOUGHTS are creating it. Belief patterns are just thoughts you constantly think which means they are a habit. Habitual thoughts dictated my life in a negative way until I chose to step outside of them and realize they are just stories I was used to and they’re all illusions that developed over the years.

I also struggled with weight issues my entire life due to a negative mindset that caused me to make decisions that were really toxic. I’d binge and then starve. And then I realized IT DOESNT WORK. So now? I do celery juice every morning and when I don’t do it (I took a hiatus for a few months) I don’t feel good. My energy has been coming back due to daily choices – eat natural food and I feel good – eat processed stuff and lots of gluten and dairy I feel bad. It’s all a choice on what I choose to do.

Another huge part of my recent changes has been what I decide to expose myself to on a daily basis. This goes for social media, TV, news, people, etc. if I’m constantly watching negative things – you guessed it!! I feel much worse. I’ve been on a rampaged of unfollowing and using social media less. I don’t watch the news anymore because each time I watch it it’s like a negative vacuum. I understand being involved and aware is important but also know that fear-mongering is a real plague in society today especially on TV and the news. I don’t watch anything harsh before bed and have established a new nighttime routine. Instead of sitting on social media on my commute each morning I’ve been doing an NLP class which I had signed up for months ago and am now almost done with just because of a week and a half of doing it in the morning and nightly commutes. People that typically are negative and stressful are now falling off because I set boundaries and won’t let them in my mind with their dirty feet. It’s super important to surround yourself with positives instead of bombarding your experience with negatives.

Our time is precious and I’m realizing that we have to create time for the things that will bring us higher and that help us grow and let the other things fall away. It’s all a choice and although it may be hard to implement at first, the time we spend on the things that help us learn and move forward is more worth it than anything we are “giving up” along the way.

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