Diving into the divine feminine, a journey of returning home to self.

Tapping into your divine feminine nature is like floating in a sea of abundance knowing that you are held, connected, and guided.

This shift within me is so powerful. It feels like I am finally returning home to my natural state of being after a long trip away.

I never used to consider myself a feminine person.

My wide back and strong arms were honestly points of pain for me many moons ago.

I felt like I was too big to be feminine.

I went to school for accounting where masculine was celebrated and flow was not.

My jobs that followed college simply further instilled the hustle & grind energy that left me feeling depleting.

Anytime I tap into the Akashic Records, I feel flow. It is a full receiving mode. Deep. Warm. Loving. My voice often gets deeper in a deeply feminine way that halts the rush of this New York girl’s fast speech and often hurried mind.

A lot of the times I felt like a completely different being than my day to day self when I tapped in.

I am now realizing my most connected self is so feminine.

She invites in flow with ease. She embraces cosmic chaos with curiosity. She feels the slowing down of time with a deep knowing everything happens when its supposed to in an embodied divine way.

And now this part of me feels so much more integrated. Like when I tap into the records I am just met by my energy that is already the flowing current if who I am.

I often am told that my energy feels so understanding, meeting you where you already are in your highest light. This is deeply feminine.

My days feel more flowy than ever and I feel more me than ever. I do not rush. Action comes when it is time, not when I think its time. Creation just flows, not by force in any way.

I spent most of my life in force mode. Work your tush off, get results. Now I see it’s actually the complete opposite of my wiring. It can be easy. I can flow.

I want this experience for you because I know the massive push and pull of the masculine paradigm. It’s ingrained within us.

The divine masculine has its place, and when its in balance with our divine feminine mm there is so much potency, pleasure, and results beyond your wildest imagination.

I am not the coach that will tell you what to do with a list of things unless that is what is truly needed. But I’ve come to find that the tasks lists are a thing of the past.

I am shifting from consistent action mindset into a deeply devoted one. Where my inner being is leading the way and I am along for the ride.

This state is one I dreamed of for so long, and I didn’t know how it would unfold.

It is even sweeter than I could have ever hoped for.

This is the new way.

Do you want to be guided by the new or the old? Anytime the mind comes in with it’s outdated ideas, I meet her with compassion, and program her again to the new operating system once I tend to her needs.

What are you yearning for dear self, when these old ideas arise?

Most of the time, the answer is love.

The most potent energy of all.

x erin


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