Equality° friday thoughts

I’m currently sitting on a bus to Washington DC to march in my first Women’s March. My mom asked me months ago if I’d come with her and I had no second thought when I initially told her yes. And then time went on and fear kicked in. What about security? What if something happens there? What’s the weather going to be like? Am i going to get sick in the rain? And then there’s the fact that this women’s march has also sparked a lot of controversy (i don’t pay attention to the news much so I just found this out a few days ago from one of my best friends.)

There’s a lot of so-called reasons to not go. I have also realized that we are pretty much capable of taking ourselves out of anything if we think about it too much. There’s always risks involved in movements. There’s always people against it. There’s always controversies. *I am not saying anything is ok in regards to the hate that a certain individual associated with the top organizers of the women’s march has preached. This is the opposite of what i am talking about right now. Hate is never the answer.

I’ve decided the overall message of this event is too god damn important to let it be overcome by hate. I choose to bring love into this march. Love and respect for myself, for other women, and for this cause. The truth of the matter is that women are still not treated equally in this country. My right to choose over my own body is at risk. To me, this is not political, it’s personal. And I’m scared. I’m scared for the women of today and the women of tomorrow. If I can be part of a change, by joining together with women and men from all over the country knowing that evolution of the mentality of this county in regards to equality is necessary, then how could I not go? Movements happen from a bunch of individuals getting together and believing and acting in a way that influences change. Each individual making a choice is the only way real change happens on a grand scale. I choose to be a part of it.

So tomorrow, you won’t find me badmouthing anyone or chanting things of hate for the current politicians in power. You won’t find me cursing. While I don’t agree with anything going on politically from watching this country and where we are now I’ve truly realized that hate literally breeds nothing but hate. Nothing productive happens when we’re busy hating each other. But I will be there speaking in the name of love- in the name of equality- in the name of respect. This is too important to remain silent. Too much is at risk.

All of the reasons I had not to go have been erased. I know I need to be there and I’m excited to stand tall and march with women and men from all over the country. A little help from the weather gods would be cool too but I’ve realized sometimes we have to go through rough times and the rain/snow is nothing compared to the hardships women have experienced in this country far too long simply because we were born without a Y chromosome.

Will I see you there?

Attending in another states?

Would love to know!

Love & light friends ✨

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