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I place expectations on myself, other people, and situations as we all do since this is a human experience. We learn from when we’re young that expectations can protect us and we learn from our parents to place them on all sorts of things. When we didn’t live up to our parents expectations we were punished or given the talk “I’m not mad, just disappointed” ugh what a dagger to that heart that line was. People can only be disappointed if there’s an expectation along with it. They expected better of us and we fell short – and we were forced to live with the guilt of not being good enough to meet our potential. Our parents did the best they could, as we do each day.

Sometimes we fall short of expectations, sometimes other people let us down, sometimes a new experience isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and sometimes everything is better than we could’ve imagined or expected. I’ve found that me placing my expectations has a not-so magical way of ruining things. I’ve created toxic situations out of ones that didn’t have to be that way solely because of my expectations. I’ve also found myself expecting the worse in so many situations only to have myself completely humbled because the worst didn’t happen and I had spent so much time preparing when I could’ve just spent my time doing better things with my time. I’ve come up with so many scenarios in my head that are along the lines of what could go wrong or the worst possible scenario and find myself laughing because 1) nothing happens or 2) exactly what I expected happened and there’s really no one to blame but myself. “I manifested this” is something I have thought so often because it’s true, what i focused on and was so afraid of happened – but in reality it’s still not nearly as bad as i made it out to be. I survived it didn’t I?

So I’m working on managing my expectations because every time I place them on myself, others, or situations – I am reminded that the only place these expectations are real are in my mind. It’s time to let me just be who i am, let others be who they are, and let situations play out how they are supposed to without me ruining them with my expectations.

Every time I go into something without expectations there’s a sense of peace because I haven’t created anything about it within my mind, I haven’t let the past dictate the present moment, just letting it be as it is meant to be.

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