Getting into alignment

yesterday I was walking in the woods & i opened up my channeling portal to receive guided messages. I do this usually when I am by myself in nature in the beginning of my walk, and then I spend some time after just meditatively moving. it’s a practice I picked up in January but recently I haven’t been doing it consistently because #life.

the messages were sterner than usual. not threatening but lovingly intense. as if I had a lot to miss out on if I didn’t take them seriously.

I know that this life is a forever journey and I will never be perfect but recently I haven’t been using using the tools that help me very much. it’s an ebb and flow for sure but there is also something to be said for consistency & it’s transformative powers.

I received guidance on steps moving forward. what I need to do personally in order to feel most clear. a lot of important information I intuitively know but often push to the side because of old habitual patterns of complacency or self-sabotage because of fear of what it means to be full of light & seen for my shine.

part of my ego pushed back. I said doesn’t this seem a big extreme? restrictive? I want to have fun too!

they answered; this is not restriction, this is alignment. I heard it louder and louder. It was repeated about 5 times until I finally brought my phone out (something I am trying to not do once I get to a certain point in my walk & begin to channel) to write it down because I could feel the urgency & heavy importance of those words.

I had never heard something put that way before. that the things I view as restrictive aren’t actually that, they’re aligning me to be my clearest self, so instead of feeling stressed, tired, or sick, I can feel clear, energized, and calm. they’re doing something differently than I’m used to, prioritizing my health & wellbeing over convenience & toxic habits. and it’s fun to have energy! it’s fun to be present! it’s fun to connect with myself and stand firm in the knowing I am doing what is good for me. it is definitely not fun to be sick & tired all the time.

I don’t really know why I am sharing this or if anyone will resonate it with it. I don’t want to promote taking drastic measures that leave you feeling depleted, simply inviting you to maybe to ask yourself if you are doing the things that are good for you & make you feel like your truest self? when I got honest with myself, the answers was that I wasn’t.


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