Grounding° tuesday thoughts

Love. Pause. Breathe. Feel it all. Shake it off. Let it go. Write. Listen. Respond. Speak my truth. Live my truth. Just be.

Today I felt crappy. Non-energized, non-motivated, non-myself. These days happen – I flow so fluidly one day and then another I feel like there’s a huge rock in my path blocking any type of motion forward. That’s life sometimes. I’m on and then I’m off. But these moments are great reminders of all the work I’ve been doing. The off moments don’t feel as consuming or make me question my entire existence like I used to. There’s no need to attach to the feelings I’m having. I just know I’m having a weird energy day and remind myself of all the tools I have to try and get myself through the blah feelings.

Sometimes they work and I notice the change immediately – sometimes they don’t feel like they’re working at all. But I know that continuing to do the steps when I don’t feel like they’re working is key🔑. Consistency is something I shied away from for most of my life. If I didn’t see it working immediately I’d go onto the next thing. By running away from healthy consistency I created a life of chaos and was absolutely miserable.

My whole beginning into the unknown journey of spirituality was continuing to do things that I didn’t have any self-evidence that they actually worked. I never did them before so how could I know? But I did them anyway. I realized I had nothing else to lose because worst-case scenario I’d be back to my miserable self. But I had a seed of faith they would work even without any tangible evidence. And then, slowly but surely, I shifted. I don’t remember the day everything changed because it was a process and still continues to be. But these tools above work and that’s why I am sharing them with myself again. And with you. They changed my life. They’re so simple yet so profound. A journey back to the basics helps me reground, recenter, & remember. Today is just a day where I’m feeling down, not a day where I lose all faith like my old bad days.

How are you feeling today?

Do you have any tools that help you reground?

Would love to know! ⤵️⤵️⤵️

Love & light friends ✨

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