it’s time to evolve back into who we truly are

nothing we experience is perceived as negative in the energetic realm

as humans this is extremely difficult to comprehend. we assign judgments & labels to everything, and what we conclude about an experience is generally not even based on our own ideas - it is a mold of those who raise us & those we are surrounded by (teachers, friends, societal values, cultural practices + so much more).

I’ve been reflecting so much in this pause period. I temporarily pulled all my offerings & podcast interviews to reconnect to my own message & truth. so much of what I have been doing is authentically me, but a lot of it is was skewed into what I think I had to do in order to be successful (aka get clients + listeners).

I’m almost ready to open up & hold space for others again but I am still giving myself a little more time since this month is jammed with so many wonderful (but also enegetically demanding) events & plans.

I’m so excited for what is unfolding for the first time in a little bit. it doesn’t feel overwhemling to think about it anymore. my energy had felt very dimmed & clouded lately. but a few days of consistent meditations & opening of my akashic records & more walks in nature have done wonders for my physical, emotional, mental + spiritual body. its so funny how simple it is to shift once you commit fully to it.

today I got the overwhelming message that nothing I’ve been experiencing is bad. nothing I’ve ever experienced is bad. not even the trauma and things I still cling to at times that “hold me back”. the truth is that all of these situations are actually portals bringing me back to my own truth. bringing clarity to show what truly matters and what doesn’t. it brings me the overwhelming sense of trust that no matter what I am experiencing, I will get through it and be better for it.

I want you to know no matter what is going on, there’s a reason you are here experiencing it and the point is NOT to beat you down and make you hate life. it’s to see your strength and honor yourself in all phases and situations. as humans it’s hard to see that but energetically it is obvious that this is all for our evolution.

the evolution back to who we truly are.

xx erin


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