Let Emotions Come As They Are, Instead of How You Think They Should Be

Today was a whirlwind of a day. I laughed, I cried hysterically, I experienced immense joy and lots of pain.

I remember thinking that if one less than ideal thing happened in a day then the rest of it was ruined. I would assign labels, that day was good, that day was bad, ooooof what a horrendous week, so on, and so forth. I now realize that just because things happen in a day that I wouldn’t typically identify as ‘”great” doesn’t mean that the day isn’t good.

I felt a lot of emotions today. I had hard conversations. I felt stressed and tired. I felt peaceful and energized. I experienced seemingly contradictory feelings today, but they’re not. Life is everything. The good AND the not so good. I no longer want to define my days in those terms because they’re so limiting. Did I love today? Did I learn today? Did I smile? Did I let myself feel whatever I needed to feel? If the answer to these is yes, then wow, how beautiful is that?

Every moment isn’t meant to be joyous. How would we know joy if we don’t know sorrow? Contrast is the entire point of this human journey. If we were meant to experience life as enlightened beings full of joy all the time, I truthfully know we wouldn’t have incarnated here, there wouldn’t be a point. This physical realm is about experiencing it all.

I cried today without holding back. I let my emotions overcome me fully. Instead of rejecting them and trying to act in a way “I should” I just let myself be as I was. And it was beautiful.

When we acknowledge and express how we feel, something truly wondrous happens. When we allow ourselves to just be as we are, the whole world opens up.

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