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I was always searching for something outside of myself to give me my big AHA moments. I drowned myself in books and followed many paths that were laid out in teachings to try and reach what the authors/teachers were talking about. I had glimpses of knowledge for sure, universal truths that I believed to be true, but never really KNEW them, like truly knew them, because I hadn’t FULLY experienced them. Like I said, I had glimpses but they were alway short-lived. And that’s okay.

I spent my first few years of my spiritual journey seeking. I classified myself as thewanderingemini, a name I honor but feel no longer suits me because I don’t feel like I am wandering. I feel home. It took me a very long time to get here, and I am hoping that maybe my thoughts can assist anyone else who currently feels this way about themselves.

Writing is definitely the place I feel most at home, I think it’s easier for me to sort out my thoughts or come to realizations once I get them out of my body. However, being aware and writing about being aware are two extremely different things. I had been mostly on the latter end of that for quite some time. The truths I wrote about are the glimpses I have gotten, but I was still always searching for them to come up, not letting them flow into my being and encompass me. I would let them flow in, I’d write them out, and then they’d just become stagnant I suppose. Or maybe they were just planted, I like that better since I am now seeing them bloom in a very different way that what I’ve ever experienced.

I like to help people and I find my best way to do that is through telling my stories, telling my thoughts, and hoping someone out there who is searching perhaps finds a seed in something that I have written. But people are only able to hear what they are ready for. And how they water and nurture that seed is purely up to them. I know this to be true because I have experienced it in myself. I was never ready to grow until I fully accepted where I was at and then realized I can do better. I couldn’t do better unless I knew where I stood. I wasn’t completely honest with myself, and in turn, other people, when I wasn’t accepting all of me: my ups, my downs, my flaws, my strengths – every aspect of my being.

Currently I am feeling pretty good because I am detoxing my body and I’ve realized that when I detox my body, my mind is detoxed as well. I also was never able to detox my body in the way that I needed until my mind was at the right place. It’s a very interesting connection. And I love that I am able to witness it now.

I have so many ups and downs. I feel really connected in one moment, and completely disengaged in the next. This is a part of the process, and I am grateful for it. I have realized that I am not some higher up person because I’ve understood some things that others may have not. There is no better than, or less than. There is only being. Everyone is at the level of awareness that they are meant to be at on their journey. Who am I to determine whose means less or more: answer, no one.

Today, my thought for the day is to meet myself where I am. Not where I want to be, not where I was, but where I am today. There is so much beauty in this level of awareness: this moment of my being. And I know that completely accepting my current state allows me to transcend it. But I don’t need to be anywhere else but where my feet are. There is much to learn here, and I am ready and willing to learn. I am open to all I am inviting into my path from this point, because I know it will be exactly what I need.

Hope you have wonderful day

Love & Light Friends✨

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