Manifest° sunday thoughts

Love, the natural way that we were born to operate and ever-lasting. Fear, the mask(s) that clouds – born of this earth and die once we transform.

It’s really interesting to see the dynamic between my life when I make decisions in love and oppositely, in fear. Every time I do something in love I feel clear, light, and things seem to fall together so seamlessly and easily. They just flow. Whenever I do something in fear, I feel clouded, heavy, and everything feels like work: hard, tiring, obligatory.

I think it’s important to do things when we are afraid because fear is an illusion although it is convincing. And there’s an important distinction: somethings I fear but I know intuitively they are good for me and are aligned with bringing more love into my life – these things are what I choose to do in spite of fear. When I make choices because of fear, as in fear of financial lack, fear of abandonment, or all the other shit my mind comes up with, the situation just snowballs and leaves me so unbelievably drained and unhappy. There is a balancing act that I continue to work on each day and I know I will never be done.

Have you ever looked up your human design? My soul sister Jess introduced me to it and I just reread my report this morning from and it’s extremely crazy how on point it is.

I am a manifesting generator and this comes as zero surprise to me. My entire life my mom has called me the manifest-or and told me I had a “one-track mind” when I REALLY wanted something. I didn’t really see it in the way she did but I see it now. So clearly. My human design talks about my emotional ties to each situation and how I need to wait to respond. If I make a decision based on my emotional feelings in a particular moment I’m essentially screwed in that situation 😂 oh how true it is. Coming from someone who made decisions based on very wavy emotions for most of my life I see how that does not work.

I find the human design generator as a very interesting validation of the ties in the universe. How my name, birthdate, and birthplace can come up with such an accurate description of who i am still blows my mind sometimes. I’m a firm believer that everything is connected and nothing is random but damn, it still amazes me when I find more information that confirms this.

When I focus with love- it is returned to me tenfold. When I focus with fear, same result. It’s so obvious to me now and being a manifesting generator explains a lot of the why(s) of this happening.

So my message to myself (and anyone who reads this) is this: do the things that bring more love in. It’s ok to skip out on the things you’re doing because your fearful of things you think you’re lacking. The truth of the matter is we never really lack. We have everything we need. And the last way to bring something in is through fear that I don’t have it. That just perpetuates it.

Focus on love as it is already here, there, and everywhere. All I need to do is open my eyes enough to see and feel it.

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