Mirrors° wednesday thoughts

Have you every taken inventory of the types of experiences and interactions with people you’ve had on a specific day? Well, I’ll tell you a not-so-little secret – none of it is random.

I’ve gotten into the habit of people-watching. Myself very much included in this. I’ve found that every interaction on the outside is in direct correlation of the inside. These little observations I take are most accurate within myself as I know what’s going on with me and can never fully understand the mind of another person. But I have a decent idea of how someone is feeling since energy doesn’t lie, and I also have the type of energy that invites others who have none and want to feed on another’s (aka mine 🙋‍♀️). I’ve noticed that people who complain constantly, are over-stressed for no reason, or have nothing nice to say always have the hardest lives. They’re sick, they’re tired, and they’re miserable. I know this to be true, because that was me not too long ago.

This simple truth that every experience and person on my path is a mirror into my inner world has given me a whole new lease on life. This is why I try and focus on positivity as much as possible. This is why I meditate. This is why I do yoga. This is why I try and eat healthy. There is no other reason except for the fact that I had once brought in situations and people that reflected myself in the worst of ways before having these healthy habits. I had invited in negativity, toxicity, and illness because that’s what I was giving out through my inner environment.

The universe never punishes. It doesn’t do things to get back at me. It simply reflects what I am putting out. And I was putting out literal shit at one point. So I decided that enough was enough and that nothing was going to change if I didn’t do something different. There came a point where I realized that holding onto what I was doing became an anchor and the only way to be free was to cut myself loose. I was bottoming out and needed to find a way back up to the surface.

Sometimes I go through experiences and am able to see the positives in them immediately. Sometimes it takes a while to see the light. But there is light somewhere. I’m not being naïve or fake whenever I have a positive spin on something that’s difficult. I get sad. I get angry. I get hurt. I cry – a lot. But then, I pick myself up (and some beautiful people in my life help me along the way) and walk towards the light.

I feel like there’s so much stigma against spirituality and “self-help” classifications. These are usually from the people who don’t want to look into their own shit and haven’t tried anything different in a while. These are the people who are stuck in their ways and are miserable but don’t think there’s anything they can do about it. Opening myself up spiritually has quite literally saved my life – I will never again be ashamed to admit that. I will not let myself be boxed into a definition that someone who hasn’t experienced light has put me in. I’m just here to be me, create, and love. Opening myself up through the realms of spirituality has done this for me. It helps me realize my purpose everyday. And I will continue to share my experiences and tools I’ve picked up because I know they transform. I know they change things. I know they shed light in places that were once consumed by darkness. I know it because at on point, that was me-utterly drowning in darkness- but today, like most days – I feel surrounded by light even in the darkest of situations.

Love & light friends ✨

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