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There is a lot of focusing on the now, the present moment, within spirituality as the premise is that there is no where else we can be except for this moment. I’ve worked on focusing on this for quite some time and it’s getting easier with practice. I also think there is immense lessons to learn from the past and a lot of value in thinking of the future as well, but the only way I have been effectively using them is through the present moment.

The present tense learning happens in the present moment. But how do we learn if not from past experiences? There is no reason to forgo the past in the present moment because it is the accumulative story of our life up to this point. I’ve struggled with the premise that everything should be focused on the present moment because I’ve seen it taken to the extreme to help justify flakiness, selfishness, and remove responsibility from the person using the term. I think it is a huge misunderstanding to think the spirituality is only about the present, using this sole definition is a huge disservice.

Using the past to teach me, the future to guide and motivate me, and the present to implement these teachings and inspired actions to bring me closer to my truest self. We can only think, speak, and act in the present moment but how we think, speak, and act depends on both the past and the future. Neglecting to use the experiences I have been through and the places I aspire to be has previously created a huge sense of confusion within my life.

There is a special balance between using the past, present, and future together. Using only the past can create a sense of victimhood, guilt, & depression. Using only the future can create extreme anxiety. But bringing the present into both past and future ensures lessons are learned and brought forward, and also ensures that steps towards immense change and growth are taken on a daily basis.

The key is to find the right balance that works for me (and for you), and not settling for anything less than what I am capable of. Magic happens ✨ when I am clear and aligned.

Love & light friends ✨

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