nurture your gifts

I spent the majority of my life believing that my passions didn’t matter. I now have an opportunity to change that belief pattern by nurturing my gifts in different ways.

while camping this weekend I had so many revelations but one experience came up that reminded me of how important it is to honor and nurture my own gifts through seeing someone else’s not being acknowledged.

I went to the restroom and there were two teenage girls in there talking. one of the girls asked the other “have you ever written a book?” and the other responded “no, but I’ve written over 80 pages of fan fiction” and the first girl quickly came back saying “that doesn’t count”.

I heard the voice of the second one change, and then she said “yeah, well my mind is too fidgety to get my thoughts down on my page”.

I knew I was in this bathroom for a reason. at first I thought it was a reminder for me to continue writing my book but then it was clear that it was much greater than that. Here was an opportunity to tell someone what they do matters, even if not everyone thinks so.

I didn’t want to seem weird or insert myself into a conversation at first so as I was washing my hands I contemplated if i should just leave without saying anything. I thought about all of the times I was told that I couldn’t make a living writing. I thought about all of the times I told myself that my passions didn’t matter. I thought about the teenager in me who could’ve used someone else telling me what I contributed was a big deal and what that may have done in my moments of self doubt.

I ended up telling the girl how awesome it is that she wrote over 80 pages of fan faction and to keep at it. Her face lit up. She thanked me and said it really meant a lot. I could feel the energy of it.

I questioned sharing this because part of me was scared of what people would think if I shared it. An intimate moment that maybe should just be left at that without other people knowing about it. Am I dimming the experience by telling people about it and making it about me? Will people judge me for sharing it because now i’m bragging or something? Anytime this fear arises, I know I have to do it anyway because those are all just stories.

This moment was so healing to my inner child and teenager because I actively got the chance to say what I needed when I was that age to someone else. I believe this is how we heal generations. By not continuing the stories that tear down our gifts and passions by saying they don’t matter. I think about what a world this would be if everyone felt confident enough to nurture their gifts and I believe we have to create that, one person at a time.

your gifts matter.

your passions matter.

they are not the whole reason for living but they are a beautiful part of this human experience.

these gifts are yours for a reason.

I hope that you choose to nurture the things that light you up, simply because you enjoy the time doing it. there’s magic there.

xx Erin


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