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Do you believe in signs? You could call me a sign-maniac. Not in a bad way, just in a – I can see anything and relate it back to some sort of connection even if it’s faaaarrr stretch to some. I love all kinds of signs. I love number signs. I love looking up their meanings even when I know them verbatim most of the time. I guess this is my way of validating what I already know to be true. I like to think the universe is backing me up.

I usually get tons of signs when I’m in the flow. My dad passed when I was very young and an intuitive told me that his signs to me were mountains and horses. Horses I was confused about ( I always see them now). I understood the mountain sign perfectly. Without telling her anything about me, without speaking of anything in relation to my dad and over the phone none-the-less (so no reading of facial expressions or all the other things people do to find out information about you) when she said mountains I was so unbelievably stunned. I believe in connections but when they’re that strong they still catch me off guard in the best kind of way. You see, my dad and archangel Michael had both rescued me off a mountain. I was stuck from an agonizing ankle sprain and could not move. The mountain was quiet and I was a newbie snowboarder who had fallen badly and crawled onto the side waiting for someone to come. I prayed to my dad and archangel Michael on the lift up to get me down safely. This was not what I had in mind. So I cried and cried until I saw someone in the distance. The man came and asked me my name. I asked him his and he said “Jack”. My dads name. I was smiling through my tears because I couldn’t believe it. He told me to hold on, he would be right back with someone else to get me down. I waited and soon enough him and another approached me. He introduced him, “Erin, this is Michael, he and I are going to get you down this mountain safely”. I knew they were right.

I had been on my spiritual journey for a little while before that day but there on a mountain I found angels. Angels that I thought of and felt often but never had experienced in-the-flesh right in front of me. Mountains are my favorite sign. They let me know when I am on the right path because that day lead to one of my biggest changes in my life and helped lead me to where I am now. When I am in the flow I see signs everywhere – especially mountains. When I show up for myself, the universe follows. I know this to be true and I wanted to share this with you because it’s so important to be there for yourself – to do what is right for you even if others don’t understand it. Give your dreams your all and the pieces will fall together. The stars will align and things will start working out. You just have to believe in the universe and look for the signs. I promise they are there when you are open to them.

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