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We always think we have more time. At least I’ve seen myself get into that habit of thinking. “I can do it later, [tomorrow, next week, Monday, next year]”, fill in with whichever the future moment we place our dreams into is. The truth of the matter is we have no idea on how much time we have. The timing of life is unexpected. The timing of death is unexpected. We fear death as if we have a choice in it even though it’s something we all share, the mortality of the human body. There’s a quote, “live like you were dying”, but we are all dying. Everyday. And I have to say I don’t live like I’m dying most of the time. I live like there’s always more time to do the things I want to do. I live with a sense of certainty while there is none. We only make a change when we realize we can do things differently. Today I choose to live differently than the past.

To preface my next thought, I think it’s worth diving into what I am not talking about before I get into what I am: Recently I’ve been focusing on longevity, by feeding my body with nourishing thoughts, foods, and activities that will extend my life instead of shorten it. “YOLO” is a term that popped up all around to convince us it’s ok to do whatever we want, whenever we want, regardless of the consequences because we only live once. I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again but it’s a term dedicated to reactivity, the thing I’ve been working on reducing in my life experience. Just because I only have a limited amount of time doesn’t mean I want to contribute to having even less, by taking actions that decrease my quality of life. This is not the living like I’m dying that I am trying to focus on in my experience. The one I choose to share today is about not sweating the small stuff.

I think there a lot of actions we take that completely ignore the truth that in this physical experience – life is short. We focus on problems instead of solutions, by getting immersed in negative thinking even though we could very well just immerse ourselves in its positive counterpoint. We hold onto anger like it has a purpose of sticking around, while anger is an important temporary emotion we hold onto it well after it’s served it’s purpose. What is the point in holding onto it? Nothing changes even if we decide to keep it locked in for years. Letting go is so important because every day is a gift and we have no idea when our last will be. Why choose to extend anger, hate, sadness when we have the power of letting go of it? Why spend the limited amount of precious days on this Earth in all of the emotions that take away my joy? We don’t forgive people when we dont know when their last breath will be either. We hold onto the heaviness of resentment instead of the lightness of love. Love is the only true thing that matters here. The people around us are the only thing that matters. Choose wisely on who you surround yourself with and love them hard. Love the people who you don’t feel deserve it, even if it is from afar. There is no time to weigh yourself down with feelings that are too heavy to climb with. Put the baggage down and go in love.

And then there’s the matter of my purpose here: what am I waiting for? So many of us choose to put our dreams on hold because we’ll do them later. Get the secure job, one with a steady income, 401K, so we can retire comfortably, even those this is completely uncertain especially given the political culture in the USA right now, and then maybe then we’ll try to achieve our dreams. This is a life I’ve witnessed throughout almost everyone and it doesn’t work for me because I want my life to be now. I want to achieve my dreams now so I can spend my days here on purpose, through my purpose. This is completely possible as there are people doing it- they are trying living like they’re dying with each day being fulfilled through the work they are doing. This is where my focus has shifted to and I know I will be successful because there is no other option for me anymore, there is no time to wait, the time is now, it is always now as there is literally no other time I have than in this moment.

Love & light friends ✨

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