transitions °monday thoughts

myself, my relationship(s), and my work –

but I know now that nothing happens in isolation

and this is very evident given the fact that I am experiencing big changes in all of them at this point in time.

Transitions can be stressful – any change can be scary and when they’re going on in a bunch of different areas it can be overwhelming. There’s so much to do and sometimes it doesn’t feel like there’s enough time to do everything. I noticed myself getting into a mindset surrounded by stress, it’s easy to do that – it’s become natural to go to the negative rather than the positive because most of us have conditioned that way since the day we were born.

Today I felt stressed. I’m moving offices, moving to a new apartment, and going through some physical side effects from some changes I decided to make to be a healthier version of myself. I used to dramatically victimize myself a lot and as much as I work on that, the habit still comes up sometimes. I got into a “poor me” place for a little bit today – and then I caught myself and regrounded/ realigned my thoughts.

I really am so grateful to be going through so many changes. I manifested these. With each transition, a new beginning starts. And how fitting it is occurring on this super moon.

I am moving to a bigger office, and starting anew as the one i am in was someone else’s in my position and their stuff is still everywhere, and everything is the way they wanted it – I get a new slate to work in and a place to make my own.

I am moving in with my wonderful boyfriend and I literally am so excited to live with the man who makes me smile allll day everyday just by existing.

I am finally doing things I never done before to take control over my wellbeing and my body is reacting because for once in my life I’m not infusing it with unnatural substances – and I am healing.

Sometimes we need a shift in mindset. Nothing has changed on the outside – there’s still sh*t all around me as I type this in my office, I still have a bunch of logistics to work out for the new apartment and things that are not in places I want them to be and more stuff has to be moved, and I’m still experiencing side-effects that are less than ideal. But instead of focusing on the ‘what is, right now’ I choose to focus on the bigger picture. I choose to focus on the fact that everything is falling into place and I am growing and healing and evolving each day. I choose to focus on the fact that everything aspect of my life is changing for the better, even if the better doesn’t feel great ‘right now.’

Sometimes the best things aren’t the easiest at first. Sometimes the benefits take time to unfold. But things can only unfold if we allow them to – if we do the best we can and then let go of what we can’t control. No point in stressing because the boxes will still be there, the work will still have to be done – and taking the time to step back and remember that there’s so much good coming from all of these changes helps me feel refocused and grateful for all that is coming.

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