You living in your truth benefits everyone.

Who do you think you are?

I used to ask myself this question a lot.

I would feel I didn’t deserve to live the life I wanted to live because I wasn’t taught to make my own path or follow my internal guidance. Like so many of us, it was heavily suggested that I take the “safe” route. Although it was a choice, it truly didn’t feel like that. I didn’t realize that I had an option to make the life I desired a reality, so I went along with what was suggested out of fear and a feeling like others knew better than I did.

Living your life based on someone else’s opinions is a sure way to become miserable. It might take a while but eventually the fact you are not living in alignment with your inner compass will catch up to you. The little whispers saying this isn’t right will grow louder and louder. Eventually they will become impossible to ignore because the consequences of doing so will be so great.

Once I reached my breaking point, I knew i had to make different decisions and it had to be based on my own truth. I understood all of the choices I made and where I played it safe in order to feel accepted. I finally get that I have power over my experience but the old beliefs run deep. That feeling of “who am I” comes up from time to time. I still get caught up in imposter syndrome. But now I know whenever those fears arise that they are just stories. I do deserve to live the life I want. If I can imagine it, it’s within reach.

A huge shift for me occurred recently because I can now see that me living an aligned life serves everyone. It is not selfish at all. When I live according to someone else’s rules, I am resentful, drained, and unable to hold space for others. I am also being inauthentic which is a form of manipulation.

When I live in accordance with my heart & desires, I am able to show up with energy & excitement to life. All of my interactions are more positive. I can be present because I’m not caught up in trying to be someone I’m not. Living in alignment always invites more self-reflection, self-care, and self-love, which has a direct impact on my outer relationships and interactions.

It’s time to remember the life you want to live is made up of small choices made everyday in the direction of your desires and truth. Any time you ask “who am I?” practice saying “why not me?” There are a ton of people living the life they dreamed of. Most of what you want is already happening for someone else, and you are just as deserving as anyone. And if you’re after something that’s never been done before, it’s a disservice to not bring that into the world.

You living in your truth benefits everyone. It’s time to truly feel into that.

xx erin


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