HUMAN DESIGN is a system of self-knowledge that differs fundamentally from anything else that exists in the world today. It is quite literally a blueprint for your energy and how you can best navigate in the world. It is an experimental approach, meaning you try it out and see what works, and drop the rest. 

*I am currently changing the way I offer human design and the format of my reports, and am not holding client sessions for human design at the moment.


The only way you can receive human design guidance from me right now is through my mentorship Uplevel Unlocked or my 4S Variety Pack. 

Uplevel Unlocked can also include guidance from astrology, gene keys, tarot/oracle, depending on what you need during our time together. 

A more aligned, unique, and intuitive single session offering is unfolding. You can check out your free charts below and stay tuned for updates!*

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