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✨ energy healer ✨

🧿 spiritual mentor or coach 🧿

🔮 psychic, channeler, or medium 🔮

👽 human design reader or astrologer 👽

🪬 multi-dimensional space holder 🪬

🦄 spiritual CEO 🦄

☀️ a combo of any or all of the above ☀️

If your answer is THIS IS ME and you are

🛸 yearning for someone to hold epic space for you as you hold massive space for others & create the new paradigm 🛸

🔥 feeling like you're on the hamster wheel of business & busyness and craving to create more space to devotionally connect to yourself 🔥

🌀 frequently investing in business coaching with overwhelming masculine energy and looking for a deep dive into feminine flow while being open to receive massive abundance 🌀


BABE, it is time to fill up your own sacred vessel while you're filling up everyone else's with your life changing heart & soul-led offerings

Before we go any further, I want to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK. 


As a fellow lightworker, I know why you are showing up. I see you and hear you. And this path is not always the easy one. You should be so proud that you are officially doing more than 99%* of people by actively choosing to be the change you want to see in the world & helping others do the same.

*i made up this number but I would bet my bottom dollar it's even higher

first things first...

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As a 🔥 sacral Queen 👑 abundance magnetizer 💰 spiritual mentor 🔮 quantum leap coach 🧿 for lightworkers, healers, sacred space holders, & soul-led CEOs 🦄 I use the most potent holistic approach to healing...
the 4S Healing Method™ 


  • breath-work

  • sacral activation

  • pleasure practice

  • intuitive body movement

  • EFT/Tapping

  • Yoga

  • automatic writing


  • theta healing/ hypnosis

  • NLP

  • inner-child healing

  • shadow work

  • meditation & journaling

  • breathwork

  • neural energetic rewiring


  • akashic records readings

  • chakra clearing

  • energy healing 

  • spirit & guide connection

  • karma release

  • tarot/oracle card

  • past-lives lessons


  • human design

  • astrology

  • schumann resonance

  • elemental work

  • gene keys

  • charitable contributions

  • numerology

epic words of love

here's what some fellow lightworkers, spaceholders, and spiritual AF entrepreneurs have to say about working with me 🥺😭🥺
a little about me (she/her)
the massive space holder for you, sacred space holder
Erin pAnzarella (5).png
Erin pAnzarella (5).png

Having been around the spiritual block for over 10 years, I've seen some things. OK, I've seen a lot of things. I've been an active participant in my healing + spiritual journey since I was 19, but my connection to spirit was first known at the age of 5, shortly after my Dad passed away. I would connect to him through butterflies 🦋 & bunnies 🐰 and I saw him as an angel in a hazy awake state one night 👼. My connection to him has really led me through a lot of hardship even though at first, I felt like God had fucked me over and I was deeply angry with the universe, & blamed my circumstances on bad luck for most of my young life. 


Space holders need space held for them or else they become overwhelmed energetically. This leads to feelings of disconnection with their mind, body, & soul, disempowering narratives coming up regularly, and discouragement when it comes to making choices that would actually be so in alignment for their journey. 

Because of my dad's passing and various other traumas, I was in therapy at a very young age. In 2010, I saw my first spiritual mentor. In 2012, my Reiki Master Mama gave me a numerology report that completely shifted me energetically. Since then I have invested tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars into my own growth along this journey. I know a thing or two-thousand about spiritual AND science-based modalities. I've tried SO many. And I've integrated the ones that resonated deeply. And if you found your way here, I am taking an informed guess that you have too. You can read more about my journey here.

Being in this space as long as I have, I've learned this potent truth...

energetic report cards

Erin has a natural and intuitive gift of opening up the Records. Her ability to hold space in a comfortable and aligned way is unparalleled. She channels messages with ease, grace and compassion. On top of this, she is so easy to talk to on a friend + soul level. I would highly recommend a session with Erin for anyone who is looking to up level their life and release blockages. 

Sarah S.

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signing up for my email list gets you a free akashic records experience

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