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🎶 allow me to (re)introduce myself 🎶
yes, I am a 90s baby through & though. born in '91

hi bb, I'm Erin (she/her) some people call me E, Er, EP.
You can call me whichever you want 😜

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I'm a 5/1 Manifesting Generator in Human Design and a Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon, Aries Rising, Capricorn North Node. I've been on an active spiritual journey for 10+ years and i continue to be a dedicated student of life in this Earth school experience. I've lived in NY my entire life and currently live in Queens with my fiancé. 

Throughout my journey, I have taken in a ton of information and continuously integrate what I have learned. As of July 2022 I am certified and/ or a qualified experiential expert in 

🔮 Akashic Records Reading 

🔮 Channeling

🔮 Breathwork
🔮 Usui & Quantum Reiki

🔮 Intuition + Intuitive Readings

🔮 Neurolinguistics Programming
🔮 Hypnotherapy & hypnosis
(finishing my cert course in Sept 2022)
🔮 Shadow & Inner-child Healing
🔮 Trauma Healing
🔮 EFT/Tapping
🔮 Human Design Reading
(currently in two courses to further extensive knowledge)
🔮 Tarot/Oracle Readings
🔮 Manifestation
🔮 Energy Healing
🔮 Meditation
🔮 Spirit Guide Connection
🔮 Aura Reading & more
🔮 I have a working knowledge of astrology and gene keys, too. 

I want you to know that the life that I am living, that is filled with joy, purpose, love, emotional intelligence, healing, and so much fun, is possible for YOU because I did not always have this life. It was actually the complete opposite from my current reality. Here is a very short version of my healing journey.

Eleven days before my 5th birthday, my dad passed away. Around that time is also the first memory I have of experiencing energy from the other side. One night, I woke up from a dream, and I saw my dad, the size of tinker-bell, with angel wings, saying "I'm always with you." It took me years and years of healing to remember this experience, and I know that we all have our own gifts as children that are too often conditioned out of us. 


Being adopted at birth and born 2 months early having to be helicoptered to a different hospital immediately, my dad passing away, and essentially being raised by a babysitter for my early years lead me to heavily feel abandoned. I did not feel safe. And that feeling of being unsafe carried with me until adulthood. While I know consciously that my mom did the best she could, and worked so that I was safe, I did not feel that way growing up, at all.


Shortly after my Dad's passing, my mom started dating a wonderful man, and they got married when I was 10. He was my Dad basically the moment I met him. He was often a safe space for me, my best friend, but he also had his short-comings and imperfections. He made me feel unsafe a lot of the time too. We are all raised by imperfect people, who do not give us what we need all of the time. As I unpack my own childhood and the beliefs that came up, I've discovered some very prominent ones:

◎ I am not safe ◎ If I am not perfect, I will be abandoned ◎ Everyone eventually leaves me ◎ I have to lie to protect myself ◎ I need to work really hard and hate my life to make ends meat ◎ I should never depend on another person ◎ Receiving always comes with baggage ◎ I have too much baggage to be loved ◎ I have less than everyone around me ◎ having material wealth & nice things determines your value ◎ Life is suffering ◎ My body should be smaller than it is ◎ I need to make myself small so others are comfortable ◎ I need to escape my reality often ◎ It is easier and safer to shut down than to deal with what's in front of me ◎ You get what you get and you don't get upset ◎ I am a quitter because I can't stick to one thing ◎ Passions do not make money ◎ I could go on and on lol

As it so often happens, I developed addictions, multiple eating disorders, and severe depression and anxiety.  

I grew up in a very wealthy town on Long Island, NY. I'm talking many people that I went to school with had mansions and Porsches. I lived in a condominium, that was also very beautiful even though in comparison it was underwhelming. I had severe body issues from a young age for multiple reasons and eventually turned to prescription drugs, nicotine, and caffeine to be smaller and developed bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating disorder at different times in my life.


I stole, I hurt people I loved, and I was not kind to others a lot of the time because of my own self-hatred. I was both an internal bully and external bully due to my own self-esteem issues that developed from intense trauma. 


I followed the path of most resistance, making a series of decisions based on conditioning. My first year of college was extremely traumatic, being completely rejected by women my age and in a very toxic relationship, I returned home to regroup after struggling with paralyzing depression. I wanted to go into psychology and then was led to accounting instead because of the "stability". I used prescription drugs to get me by and live a life that felt unaligned. I fell into heavy depression once again, and developed a severe anxiety disorder as well. 

and one day, I received a life-changing gift from my mom

My mom had been into spiritual modalities for quite some time during my childhood. She was a reiki master and avid spiritual student before it was extremely popular in the Western world. And one Christmas, she gifted me a numerology report and something inside of me change... 

This report was SO accurate. I couldn't understand it. I had been living my life so sure of all of the misery and horrible experiences that awaited me but here, I was stumped. How could a report know something so true and specific? In that moment, I became open and aware that there had to be a deeper meaning and connection.

I then attended a small gathering with the man who ran the report and others who were on a spiritual path like my mom. It was a group of people looking to better themselves and live with more joy and awareness, and I found myself finally being seen for who I could be, instead of all of the horrible things I thought I was. 

Ever since then, I have been on a journey of self discovery and love and helping others embark on their own, or continue on their path.

My dad passed away in 2019 from a long battle with Lewis Body Dementia and Parkinsons, and the healing journey allows me to honor and feel my grief, as well as not let it dictate my entire life. 

I quit my full time accounting job to pursue this crazy, amazing, exciting, triggering, fulfilling, and joyful path and help others do the same. 

Take it from someone who knows, following what everyone tells you is "the right way" will only lead you down a path that feels sticky, humid, full of bugs, and darkness that could have been avoided. 

You are your own light, I'm just showing you that with the tools I've accumulated on this journey. You're creating the path yourself. I am along for the ride. 

You could do this thing alone, I did it for most of my journey but why would you want to? I continuously invest in myself now because I know the potency of co-creation, accountability, and having someone hold space for my light. Invest in yourself, and watch the magic that comes. Watch the abundance that returns to you tenfold when you say I AM WORTH IT. Holding you in that space is one of my soul's greatest purpose.

Old conditioning tells us we have to do things a certain way in order to be "successful" but if you look around at the would, you may notice that most people are miserable and that sure doesn't sound like success to me. 

And the moment you say I'm done with the old paradigm is the moment you get the ball rolling with creating the new one. 


let's connect more

I'd love to hear from ya 
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