hi i'm Erin

i'm a new yorker through & through and have the accent to prove it (so i'm told, I can't really tell). I currently live in queens, ny with my fiancé and grew up on long island. i was adopted at birth and had to be helicoptered from a small hospital in virginia to richmond because i was a premie born nearly two months early and the hospital i was born at didn't have the necessary resources. my life has been non-conventional from the start! 

I spend my days working on what I am passionate about, helping the world evolve. I recently quit my 9-5 to explore & trust my path. I enjoy meditating, being in nature, connecting with loved ones, traveling, finding new shows on netflix, creating digital art and writing. 


I've been on an active spiritual journey since hitting an intense rock bottom ten years ago and i know this awakening and tools i've learned have saved my life. 


I spent the first twenty years deeply identified with a victim mindset. My first dad died 11 days before my 5th birthday and it led me down a spiral of unresolved grief and trauma. I have experienced many different challenges before my spiritual journey which included addiction, eating disorders, constant self-sabotage, toxic relationship patterns, and more. I've been able to heal so much by implementing the modalities I offer into my life.

Since beginning my healing journey I've been able to take my power back and change the way I felt internally. my external world has  transformed. I recognize that trauma is real - I've experienced so much in my lifetime, and in others as well. My dad who has been in my life since I was six passed away 6 days before my birthday and I've been able to actively heal that grief through the embodiment and integration of these spiritual practices.  

healing is a forever journey. I take a no-spiritual bypassing approach to my journey. I hold space for all of the emotions and know that we came here to have all of the range of emotions.


I'M A certified akashic records reader, reiki master, NLP practitioner, EFT/Tapping facilitator, accountant, and am also training in hypnotherapy in 2022. I have a deep passion for learning, and implement ALL OF these practices as well as human design, astrology, and tarot into my daily life.  I host the Everyday Perspectives podcast which provides energetic approaches to very human experiences!


I am constantly connecting to my spiritual guides and inner wisdom, and am so dedicated to helping you do the same. I am so grateful to connect with you and would love to hold space in a session or connect through social media and other mediums!

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