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Hello, hello! 

I am so glad our paths have crossed and you found your way here. 


I  believe  that we are all souls having a human experience in this time and space on Earth. In this particular moment of my journey i live in one of the Burroughs   of New York City with my boyfriend and my days consists of channeling, energy healing, podcasting for my show Everyday Perspectives, working full-time as an accountant for a non-profit, and helping others step into their power. Holding sacred space for others is a huge part of my mission, so thank you for helping me accomplish it. 

I am so dedicated to my practices and modalities as they are the ones I have used in my own life to shift from a mentality very based in victimhood into one that is rooted in personal empowerment and stepping into my own light.

My channeling portal opened in early 2021 but I have always been an intuitive soul. I am adopted, my first dad passed away 11 days before my 5th birthday, and as a result of those two experiences and many other traumas big and small throughout my life,  I developed many different limiting beliefs that did not serve me. I've spent that last few years really integrating practices & tools i've come across  and have completely changed the way I think, speak, and act. My life is entirely different than it used to be. The wisdom and insight I've gained through this spiritual evolution has carried  and propelled me   through all of my ups and downs, including when my dad who has been in my life since I was five passed away 6 days before my 28th birthday in 2019.  I am very passionate about    helping those who have experienced grief due to my own life journey with it. 


Channeling,  energy work, and podcasting  are my current passions.  Connecting to each soul in their own energy and uniqueness truly is a humbling experience that I am so grateful to have.  I know with every fiber of my heart and soul that we are all our own healers but sometimes we just need someone to help guide us. I am fully dedicated to being a guide by using my energetic gifts & different modalities  to help you recognize and step into your full potential. 

Helping people recognize their own power means that I need to fully embody that to remain authentic in my practices.   While this journey ebbs and flows,   I always return to the knowing that I am the one who has power over my experience. 


 I hope you will connect with me and if you feel called to book a session, I am here to hold the space.  If you just want someone to connect with,  please reach out! I am always looking for those on their own spiritual journey. 

xx Erin