For most of my life, I didn't expect to be able to live in alignment with my purpose. I followed the "conventional path", did everything I was supposed to do, only to end up miserable.

10 years ago, after being gifted a numerology report from my mom, I started to open up to more possibility. The report gave me so much clarity, and I felt seen for one of the first times in my life. 

Ever since that moment, I recognized that there has to be something more than just suffering, and maybe there is a deeper purpose to what we experience. I have been integrating many tools since then to help me step into my power, and when my channeling gifts surfaced in an amazing way, I knew that I needed to serve through these gifts.  

I'm certified akashic records reader, reiki master, NLP practitioner, EFT/Tapping facilitator, and am also training in hypnotherapy. I have a deep passion for learning, and implement all of of these practices as well as human design, astrology, and tarot into my daily life.  I host the Everyday Perspectives podcast which provides energetic approaches to very human experiences.


I'm a New Yorker through & through and have the accent to prove it. I currently live in Queens, NY with my fiancé and grew up on long island. 

My first dad died 11 days before my 5th birthday and it led me down a spiral of unresolved grief and trauma. I have experienced many different challenges before my active spiritual journey which included addiction, eating disorders, constant self-sabotage, toxic relationship patterns, and more. I've been able to heal so much by implementing the modalities I offer into my life.

Since beginning my healing journey I've been able to take my power back and change the way I felt internally. my external world has  transformed. I recognize that trauma is real - I've experienced so much in my lifetime, and in others as well. My dad who has been in my life since I was six passed away 6 days before my 28th birthday and I've been able to actively heal that grief through the embodiment and integration of these spiritual practices.  

Healing is a forever journey and I take a no-spiritual bypassing approach to my life. I hold space for all of the emotions and know that we came here to feel and move through them all. 

I'm so excited to get to know you more, so I hope you'll reach out to connect.