We never start over, we adjust & transcend with the wisdom of our past

Feb 20, 2023

This feels really relevant as I wrap up the final touches on my website I have been building for over a month, with an entirely different energy than anything I've created before. 

As a manifesting generator in human design, I've always been shamed for "quitting" or shifting my energy when it felt stale or no longer in alignment, but after diving into my own Human Design experiment I've found it's actually one of my greatest gifts. 

Giving people permission to shift and grow is such an important part of my work because I know what it's like to feel stuck, tired, and miserable. I lived that way for most of my life because I was so afraid of being labeled a quitter or inconsistent by those I knew and loved. 

But now, as I heal my relationship with myself, I recognize that the only one who needs to grant permission is ME. And YOU are the one who gives yourself permission or blocks yourself from making a desired change to your life.

I used to think it was pointless to change because I had spent so many years committing myself to one thing, but now I know this is just a limited belief. Those hours, days, months, years, however long you stayed at a job, in a relationship, or another life circumstance are not at all wasted when you decide to change and show up differently, they are a huge component of it. You have learned so much and because of that, you are now ready for something MORE. 

You are not starting over yet again, you are shifting and transcending with the wisdom that you know now, and how beautiful is that? 

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