Unlock Your Soul's Secrets: How To Navigate the Akashic Records

spiritual journey Feb 20, 2024

Learning more about the Akashic Records is not only powerful but it can absolutely change your life! 


The Akashic Records came to me at a time in my life when I needed them the most. I had been on my spiritual healing journey for almost a decade at that point, and years before I started my own personal relationship with accessing the records, my friend gifted me an Akashic Records reading. 


In that reading I felt so connected to the messages and knew in my core that the information this wonderful Akashic Records reader was translating to me was information I could access. I remember feeling so connected and at peace during the reading and thinking I can do this myself.


As with many other parts of my spiritual journey, that calling to connect with the Akashic Records myself didn’t come back until years later. 


After more than 100 days of practicing silent meditation consistently in the mornings, I was walking in the woods and heard the words “Open Your Mouth and Speak”. I followed the guidance and was quickly understanding that this was one of the most profound experiences of my life. 


The messages were clear: not only was I finally going to start my Energy Healing business that I had been thinking about for years, but I was also going to offer channeling. As someone who had never considered herself a channeler, this was surprising news to me. But those messages I received touched every part of my mind, body, and soul, and I knew I had to follow the guidance.


I started to offer free Channeling and Energy Healing sessions in exchange for feedback and testimonials. I was receiving incredible feedback from those who signed up but I was exhausted. I went to the woods and asked, How can I follow my soul’s path when it leaves me exhausted?


The message I received was this; You are going to find an Akashic Records teacher and everything will shift for you.


Within 24 hours I was led to my teacher, and since that moment, the Akashic Records have been a significant part of my life and my work. 


The Akashic Records have provided me with so much guidance, including how to navigate leaving my 9-5 job, heal old beliefs and wounds, connect more deeply in relationships, incorporate supportive self-care practices, what to offer in my spiritually-led business, and so much more. 


If you have been led to this blog, I know you are meant to connect with the Akashic Records and I am so excited to help you understand what they are, how to access them, and how connecting with the Records will change your life. 


In this blog post I’m going to be answering all your questions that you have about the akashic records - here’s what we’ll cover:


  • What are the akashic records? 
  • The history and origin of the akashic records
  • What questions can I ask the akashic records? 
  • How can I access the akashic records? 
  • What is an akashic records reading?
  • What is an akashic records prayer? 
  • Important tips for anyone interested in having an akashic records reading 


I’m so excited to share all this info with you - so let’s dive in. 



What are the Akashic Records? 


The Akashic Records are a metaphysical, energetic information center that contains the collective knowledge and experiences of every soul, past, present, and future. The concept of Akashic Records is rooted in various spiritual and mystical traditions, including Hinduism, Theosophy, and New Age philosophy.


The Akashic Records are thought to exist on a non-physical plane and you can access them through a deep state of consciousness or meditation. Accessing the Akashic Records will provide you with information about your past lives, current life purpose, and potential future trajectories. It's a way to gain insights, clarity, and understanding of your soul journey and purpose. 


But where exactly did the akashic records come from? 


The concept of the Akashic Records has its roots in ancient spiritual and mystical traditions, and it has been interpreted and expanded upon by various philosophical and religious movements over time. Here's a brief overview of the history of the Akashic Records:


  1. Ancient Indian and Hindu Philosophy:


 The idea of a universal repository of knowledge has ancient roots in Hindu philosophy. The term "Akasha" is derived from Sanskrit, meaning "ether" or "spirit." In Hindu cosmology, Akasha is considered one of the five elements and is associated with the aether that permeates the universe.


  1. Theosophical Society:


The modern concept of the Akashic Records gained prominence in the late 19th century through the Theosophical Society, founded by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. The Theosophists proposed that the Akashic Records were an astral, non-physical library containing the history of every soul and every thought.


  1. Edgar Cayce:


Edgar Cayce, a famous American psychic and healer from the early to mid-20th century, is often credited with popularizing the term and concept of the Akashic Records. Cayce claimed to access the records during his trance-like states and provided detailed information about individuals' past lives, health issues, and spiritual development.


  1. New Age Movement:

 The Akashic Records gained further attention and development within the New Age movement during the late 20th century. New Age practitioners and spiritual teachers embraced the idea as a tool for personal growth, self-discovery, and spiritual awakening.


  1. Contemporary Spirituality:


Today, the concept of the Akashic Records is embraced by various spiritual communities, metaphysical practitioners, and individuals interested in exploring consciousness and the interconnectedness of all beings. We use the akashic records as a means of gaining insights into one's life purpose, relationships, and spiritual journey.



So, what questions can I ask the Akashic Records? 


The first thing I want you to know is that when seeking guidance or insights from the Akashic Records, it's important to approach with an open mind and a genuine intention for personal growth and understanding. 


With that being said here are some example questions to get you started on your Akashic Records journey:


  1. Questions about Your Life Purpose:

   - What is my life purpose in this incarnation?

   - How can I align my actions with my soul's purpose?


  1. Relationships:

   - What lessons or connections are present in my current relationships?

   - How can I improve my relationship with [specific person]?


  1. Past Lives:

   - Are there significant past lives influencing my current experiences?

   - What past-life lessons should I be aware of now?


  1. Career and Finances:

   - What career path aligns with my soul's journey?

   - How can I manifest abundance and financial well-being?


  1. Health and Well-being:

   - Are there specific health issues linked to my soul's journey?

   - How can I promote physical and emotional well-being?


  1. Spiritual Growth:

   - What spiritual practices or teachings will benefit my growth?

   - How can I deepen my connection with the divine?


  1. Challenges and Obstacles:

   - What challenges am I currently facing, and what lessons do they hold?

   - How can I overcome [specific challenge] and grow from it?


  1. Decision-Making:

   - What guidance do the records provide for [specific decision]?

   - How can I make choices that align with my highest good?


  1. Manifestation and Law of Attraction:

   - How can I effectively manifest my desires in alignment with my soul's purpose?

   - What limiting beliefs hinder my ability to manifest?


  1. Self-Discovery:

    - What qualities and strengths should I focus on developing?

    - How can I overcome self-limiting beliefs or patterns?


Remember that the key to asking the Akashic Records questions and to receiving answers is to approach the questions with sincerity, an open heart, and a willingness to receive the guidance that comes through the records.



How can I access the Akashic Records? 


The first thing you should know is that accessing the Akashic Records is both a spiritual and intuitive process. 


While various methods exist, the fundamental idea for opening the akashic records is to quiet your mind, raise your consciousness, and establish a connection with your higher self or the universal energy. 


Here are some general steps and methods that you can take to access the Akashic Records:


  1. Prepare Yourself:

   - Set a clear intention for accessing the Akashic Records. Be sincere in your desire for spiritual insight and growth.

   - Create a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be disturbed.


  1. Meditation and Relaxation:

   - Practice deep meditation to quiet the mind. This can involve focusing on your breath, visualizations, or other meditation techniques. (Side note - did you know I have an Akashic Records meditation that's free for you to download? Get it here!

   - Relax your body and mind to enter a state of receptivity.


  1. Raise Your Vibration:

   - Engage in activities that raise your vibration, such as practicing gratitude, compassion, or engaging in activities that bring you joy.

   - Positive emotions and a higher vibrational frequency may facilitate access to the Akashic Records.


  1. Invoke Spiritual Protection:

   - Begin with a prayer or invocation to your spirit guides, angels, or any divine beings you resonate with for protection and guidance.

   - Set the intention that you only connect with energies of the highest light and love.


  1. Ask for Permission:

   - Ask for permission to access the Akashic Records. This can involve mentally or verbally seeking permission from your guides, universal energy, and the deemed “Lords of the Records” who grant access to the Akashic Records.


  1. Use Sacred Prayers or Mantras:

   - Some practitioners use specific sacred prayers or mantras to facilitate the connection with the Akashic Records. Examples include the "Prayer of Protection" or affirmations of divine connection. I've included an Akashic Records Prayer you can use in this blog post! 


  1. Visualization:

   - Envision a sacred space, such as a library, where the Akashic Records are stored. Imagine yourself entering this space with reverence.


  1. Ask Questions:

   - Once you feel connected, ask your questions with clarity and sincerity. You may receive information through images, feelings, thoughts, or inner knowing.


  1. Trust Your Intuition:

   - Trust the information that comes through, even if it doesn't immediately make sense. The insights may unfold over time.


  1. Record Your Experience:

    - Keep a journal to record your experiences, insights, and any guidance received during your Akashic Records exploration.


The process of opening the akashic records may take time, practice, and patience. It can also be helpful for you to work with a trained Akashic Records reader or facilitator when you are starting your  journey to gain guidance and support. That's how I got started! 



What happens during an Akashic Records reading? 


When you book an akashic records reading the following things are usually what happens...


First the Akashic Records reader will tap into the energetic realm of the Akashic Records. The process is often guided by intentions aimed at providing you clarity, guidance, and understanding to help you with your presenting questions and what will serve you most right now.

Then the following process will happen - 


  1. Setting the Intention:

   - The practitioner and you will set a clear and positive intention for the session. This may involve focusing on specific areas of life, such as relationships, career, health, or spiritual growth.


  1. Opening the Records:

   - The practitioner will enter into a meditative or altered state of consciousness to connect with the energetic realm of the Akashic Records. This may involve visualization, prayer, or other methods to open a channel to the information.


  1. Asking Permission:

   - Before delving into specific questions, the practitioner often seeks permission from your higher self, spirit guides, and Lords of the Records to access and share information from the Akashic Records. 


  1. Client Questions:

   - You will answer questions related to your life, challenges, relationships, or any specific area you want guidance on. These questions are then addressed during the session.


  1. Receiving Information:

   - The practitioner receives information from the Akashic Records through their intuitive senses. This information may come in the form of images, feelings, thoughts, or a sense of knowing. The practitioner acts as a conduit for the insights from the records.


  1. Guidance and Insights:

   - The practitioner provides guidance, insights, and answers to the your questions based on the information received from the Akashic Records. This guidance is often intended to support the individual on their spiritual journey and personal development.


  1. Clarification and Discussion:

   - The practitioner and you engage in a dialogue to clarify the received information and explore its significance. At this time you may ask follow-up questions or seek further understanding about specific aspects of the reading.


  1. Closing the Records:

   - Once the session is complete, the practitioner closes the connection to the Akashic Records through a series of closing statements, prayers, or visualizations. This is done to ensure a clear and respectful closure of the energetic channel.


  1. Integration and Action Steps:

   - You will be encouraged to reflect on the insights gained during the reading and consider how to integrate them into their life. The practitioner may offer suggestions for practical action steps or spiritual practices to support your journey. 


The reading is going to be a collaborative process between the practitioner, you, and the energetic wisdom of the Akashic Records.



What is an Akashic Records Prayer I can try? 


An Akashic Records prayer is a way to set the intention and seek permission to access the energetic realm of the Akashic Records if you’re trying to access the records on your own. 


An akashic records prayer is often used at the beginning of a session to establish a connection with the records and invite guidance. Here's an example of an Akashic Records prayer that you can try:


I hold space with gratitude + openness to connect in the Akashic Records, a beautiful gap where all events of the past, present, and future exist and I may access this infinite wisdom that is not bound by time or space. 


I ask that the masters, teachers, Loved ones, and Guardians of Light show us what will best serve [full legal name] in this moment. 


With intention I ask to connect with only the highest vibration & light in this beautiful realm of infinite wisdom. 


I am open to receive whatever messages need to be received right here, right now. 


Help me to know [myself] in the light of the Akashic Records. 

To see [myself]  through the eyes of the Lords of the Records. 

Thank you for allowing me to hold space & connect in the Akasha for [myself]


Repeat the below two more times using your full name


Help me to know [myself] in the light of the Akashic Records. 

To see [myself]  through the eyes of the Lords of the Records. 

Thank you for allowing me to hold space & connect in the Akasha for [myself]


Pause - Take a moment to connect when you feel the shift say aloud "The Records Are Now open" 


Feel free to modify or adapt this prayer to suit your personal beliefs and intentions. The key is to approach it with sincerity, respect, and a genuine desire for spiritual insight and growth. 


Important tips for you if you are interested in having an Akashic Records Reading 


If you're interested in having an Akashic Records Reading then there's some things I want you to know before you have your first reading so you can get the most out of this experience!


The biggest key to having a powerful Akashic Records session is being open!


You may show up wanting to explore one specific area of life but the Records know what you need to hear now, rather than what you think you may want to know about. The Records know there is a connection between all things, and may bring forward information that doesn’t seem related to your current intention but bridging the gap between those differences is a key part of an Akashic Records session. 


Remember that Akasha can only bring forward information with permission and free will, so if you are wanting information about someone else, Akasha will only bring forward details that relate to your part in the relationship.


This is a space for you to dive deep on how you can connect to your own power and gifts, so Akasha will be very intentional about bringing forward information that focuses on you and your part, not those around you. 


Integration and embodiment are key pieces to the process. Having an Akashic Records reading and analyzing all the information from the mind may be beneficial, but the real change will happen when you integrate and embody the lessons you’ve learned from your reading. This requires intentional action after the reading is done. The most powerful changes that unfold from an Akashic Records reading is what you do after you receive guidance from the Records! 


And if you know that you're ready for an Akashic Records Reading I invite you to have one with me! 


When you have an Akashic Records reading with me this is exactly what will happen... 


We’ll talk about your intentions, I’ll guide you into receiving mode through the breath, open up with the prayer, and then bring forward an initial message from Akasha, which can be related to your intention or a message that is wanting to be heard right now to help serve you most. 


Then I’ll relay any images and messages I receive and we’ll talk about how they relate to your life and current intentions you have. If there are any other questions that are not answered after our initial dive into the Records, I open up space for you to ask even more specific questions. 


Once we approach the end of the session, I will close the Records using a prayer and we can reflect on any action steps or messages that came forward for you to integrate after our session. 


My akashic records readings are for those who want guidance from their guides and higher self that will help you move forward with more ease and clarity. Akashic Records can share different tools for you to use in your daily life and create incredible AHA moments that change your perspective and allow you to see things from a higher lens and clear the heaviness of them. 


My akashic records readings are for those who want guidance from their guides and higher self that will help you move forward with more ease and clarity.


Akashic Records can share different tools for you to use in your daily life and create incredible AHA moments that change your perspective and allow you to see things from a higher lens and clear the heaviness of them. 


When we work together you’ll see that you can navigate challenges as opportunities, and feel the purpose and gratitude for what may have felt like a road block before.


You’ll also feel way more connected to your soul’s purpose and guides, and take away a deep knowing that you are always divinely led. Each message you receive will help you root into the trust that you are not alone on your journey. People have shared that they feel more seen than they ever felt in their life, and have received more support in 45 minutes than months of internal work or work with other readers. 


When I hold space in the Akashic Records I approach it from the lens of what you need to know in order to get you moving in the direction of your most aligned life now.


We focus on next steps and tie in any messages about past lives or other areas that help you lean into what you can do now in order to make real tangible shifts. I also remind you through the messages that YOU are the one who holds the keys to your most fulfilled life, and even though I am channeling the messages, they are messages of your own soul that live within you. These readings are ethereal and practical, sharing information in a way that makes you remember your own power, and you will leave feeling extremely empowered and connected to yourself. 


Want more info about my akashic records readings? Go here to learn more.


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